Ybera Post-Progressive

Composed of hyaluronic acid, the postproduction line prolonged the effect of smooth on the hair, in addition to replenishing essential vitamins and liponutrientes that provide intense hydration and smoothness. Its formula without temperature is maintained for a longer time the effect of smoothing.

Ybera Detox Healthy

Composed of Rosemary, Lemon and Refreshing Mint and D-Panthenol, the SOFT CARE line activates the blood circulation in the scalp. It has toning and astringent properties that prevent the fall and stimulate hair growth. Provides resistance, manageability and renews battered and damaged hair.

Ybera Fashion UP

Its exclusive and innovative formula is ideal for the maintenance of smoothing since it is free of Sulfates and Parabens. Its high concentration of grape seed oil intensely nourishes the hair with each wash. Your smell will captivate you!