Ybera Fashion Stylist Cream

Creamy Formula rich in Omega 3-6-9 contains and Kerafive22 

Ybera Fashion Stylist Platinum

Perfect straightening for blonde hair. The result: healthy hair, shiny and radiant

Ybera Discovery Express

Discovery is the first keratin based on Stem Cells from the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple

Ybera Fashion Special Edition

Smooth and Shining Hair Enhanced with Quinoa Protein

Ybera Detox Healthy

This product possesses toning and astringent properties that prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth


Cortex transfusion System. We managed to clone the DNA composition of a healthy strand for transfer to a completely repair damaged hair

Ybera Fashion Stylist Shampoo

Straightening Shampoo

ybera Capilar Rejuvenation

Capillary Mass Injection system.The Botulinum Toxin of plant origin rejuvenates the strand

Ybera Genoma Maintenance

Treatment Complex home use with Pro-Geno (Spirulina Verorexim and Alfa-Keratin)

Ybera Fashion Stylist Mousse

Formula concentrated and fast application in mousse

Ybera Fashion UP HOME CARE

 Oil and Murumuru Butter