Ybera highlights in the Cosmetics segment in Brazil and the World for the Professional excellence in every product. Present in over 30 countries,  Ybera products are developed with the noblest actives, which are studied and analyzed in all its complexity to achieve the highest degree of quality dayly needed by the Professional in the Salon. Each year Ybera creates new products considering the current needs of thousands of Professionals and clients to develop unique and innovative formulas.

Ybera bring solutions, knowledge and innovation to Stylists, providing the right tools and improve the benefit from the innate passion for Beauty. Ybera firmly believes that innovation is not complete unless it goes hand in hand with a trained team, so we are aware of the importance of training and perfecting application techniques. We have specialized Training Programmes to boost your career. Ybera has over 450 Technical Training Centers in the World where Beauty Professionals are trained by Specialized Technical Hand and now in the USA Professional Beauty personal assistance.

Our Specialized Technical Team are ready to assist your Beauty Salon with the use of all of our products.